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Reporting - How 

Each time you send a shipment to your "adopted" base, come to our website and send a "Donation Form" from the link above.

Donation Form

Please contact us on the internet if at all posible.  Snail mail is processed last and may sit for months or a year until we get to it.  If you know of no one or of any way to do this on line (internet) then:

P. O. Box 1085,  O'Fallon, MO   63366

 By "Donation Form or Snail Mail: 

  • Date
  • Organization /Individual (sending the coupons)
  • Your email address
  • Base Name
  • Shipment Dollar Amount (We do not need separate food and non-food totals.)
  • Grand Total for current year
  • Any comment you need to make.  (We will not respond to these comment sections.)

If at any time you have questions, please use the "questions form" link above or the mailing address above if there is no computer access available.  

Reporting - Questions

Be accurate with your organization or personal name

The person entering your report will look for the exact name on your report.  If it does not match the name you have at our web site, your totals will be listed at two different places.  It is very important that your report name match your name in our system.  If unsure, give the entire name.  We have the most problems with nick names (ie: Eddie Allen, instead of Edward W. Allen III or Allen Family) or with missing information/ shortened name (ie: the Horizon instead of USS Horizon, a Starfleet Chapter, Region 12)

Do we look past your report for missing or incorrect information?  

No.  The person posting your information may not be familiar with your adoption and will simply post it as you send it.  We have hundreds of donors and hundreds more that have adopted bases and that have not sent a donation.  There are donors that do not adopt a base.  It is very important that you give the correct name.  If you are an organization, please list the name of your group.  We cannot associate the name on an e-mail with a group.  Place your name in the e-mail.  It is hard at times to take it from the e-mail’s address.  Your additional efforts are appreciated. 

What do we do with the information from your report?   

The reason it is important to give us a full report is because we use that information in so many ways.  One of the places it shows up is if you ask which base is in the most need.  I only run that report once or twice a year so I do not always have current information, but it helps to know who gets what.  The list is below: 

Future Awards Program 

Proper Reporting will also help us to give you the proper credit you are due for your donation.  This will be important if we find the sponsorship we need to again fund our awards program.  Once we find a sponsor, we will begin awarding without prior notification to those eligible.