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Receipt Confirmation 

How do we know the coupons are getting to the base?  

When you think of OCP consider this a lot like donating blood.  The recipient of the blood will never acknowledge you.  OCP donations work a lot like that.  OCP will know you donated because you will send a report to us.  The base will know you donated when they get your coupons and is thankful, but it is a lot like the one receiving a blood donation, you have to trust in the system.  If you fill in the envelope or box with a return address; if you use the proper mailing address; if you put your return address on the customs form and the package; if you check the box on the customs form that says if they cannot be delivered to send them back to you; then you will know they arrived when they do not come back to you.

Keep in mind, a base may get a million dollars or more in coupons a year.  They get coupons from many sources.  A small group of volunteers sort them as needed and place them in the locations where the families can get to them.  That same group of volunteers must go back and re-sort to remove the coupons that are too old.  That is a lot of work for too few people!

From the Base

The bases do not have enough staff to send out replies or confirmations.  The number one priority is to process the coupons.  If we ignore them then they expire and the program is useless.  There are never enough volunteers for this part of the program any more.   Every once in a while, someone is available to send out a thank you or mail a card back.  It is mostly a matter of luck.  Please do not expect one.

From OCP

Just like the bases we no longer have the personnel to send out replies and to process thank you's.  Our staff is often one person and that means me.  I may get a thousand email a day to go along with my family & personal life.  I volunteer to OCP and since OCP has no funding, I must work a regular job to pay for all of this.  Again due to lack of resources, I am unable to send confirmations and you must trust in the process.