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Update from 28 December 2015

1.  The forms (donation, question, and adoption) quit working about October 28 to November 5th.  The problem was a change made to our web provider's server that blocked the forwarding of the mail.  We now have recoded the pages to get the forms to go through.  The Provider is trying to repair their problem and if they do, these forms may quit again.   If they do and you notice it, please contact me with the issue and I can code the pages to the original version.

2.  The current site was made in Expressions Web 4 which has not been supported since 2011.  We are trying to create a new site in a program that is both user friendly and currently supported.  Please be patient with us as we try to upgrade the site.


Update from 14 April 2015

1. Lately there have been comments that the donation form is timing out.  I was only able to reproduce the problem when I left the form idle for more than 15 minutes.  I am not sure what is causing it as we do not have any code asking it to time out.  Click the arrow back button on your browser and then hit send a second time and the form will go through.  We only receive the second one at our site.

2.  How much is being donated and why do you no longer post totals to the site?  The answers are: March of 2015 we received reports for 1.5 Million.  We no longer post totals because they are hard to verify and we would like accuracy.

3. Do you need help?  Yes, we always need help.  It is hard to find and because we are doing all the searching over the internet the interview process is almost crazy hard.  I am very anul about getting a person who (1) cares about the process (2) and can operate without supervision.  We currently need help with totals processing.

4. Why does the website not look shiny and new?  I have a very simple site because my average user is about 65 years of age.  A shiny new site is going to cause more problems than it resolves.  Many of my users are learning to use a computer for the first time.

5.  When will you update the base list?  We are working on it.  It is a long involved process.  I am not military and have no contacts in the DOD.  I send letters to each base and get the responses you get, much of the time = none.  Then at my expense I have to try to call each base to verify the information I need.  This is very expensive and time consuming.  I have been working on updated information.  I will update the list when the research is done. 

6. Why is there so much time between updates to the site?  I personally pay for the updates made to the website.  The last update was about $550.00  I do not have OCP income and pay for these updates myself, so I minimize the number of times we update.  While getting base list updates which also costs money, I suspend site updates. Yes, we are still looking for a web master.  Our problem, we are so boring.  Most that can pass the interview process are bored with the assignment.  The fact that we want free work also has an impact.