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Base Adoption - How 


The Adoption process is now self-service.


1.  Go to the "Base List" link at the top of this page.


2.  Choose a base by name not address.  Do NOT choose one that has NO NEW ADOPTIONS under the base name.  Choose one that says "Yes Please Adopt Us" under the name.


3.  Go to the "Adoption Form" page and fill in the form.  Do not hit enter until all the boxes are filled in.  Use the tab key.


4. The form will ask for the following information: (no not use the "enter" key)

Your Organization/Group's name or type "none" if there is not one.

A short comment if you need to.  (We will not reply to these comments.)

Your name

The base name (not the address)

Your street address/ PO Box

Your city

Your state

Your zip

Your area code and phone number

Your email address


5.  When satisfied with the information click on the "enter" key on your computer.


6.  The system will automatically send us your adoption.


7.  You will not get a confirmation, but thank you for adopting a base!  (See Confirmation Request page)


Base Adoption - Frequent Questons 

 Donation size? 

There is no minimum.  You'll find that those pesky little pieces of paper add up fast! The average Sunday newspaper contains approximately $125 worth of coupons. Even the smallest donation, when combined with the donations of other individuals, will make a difference in the lives of many military families serving our country overseas.

 Expired Coupons? 

2 Months Max!  Yes expired coupons are accepted.  We recommend not sending any coupons older than 2 months expired on the date of shipment.  They can use them for 6 months after expiration but remember that the volunteers at the base must process the coupons once they arrive and get them out to be used.  We also need to leave enough time for them to have the families sort through them and find the ones they want for use and get to the store with them.

 Do I need an organization? 

No.  You may sign up as an organization/family or as a individual.  If a group of friend is signing up then please create a name for yourselves and sign up as a group.

 Do I have to adopt a base? 

Your adoption email is how we prove our charity to the U.S. Government.  Prior to sending coupons please adopt a base. 

Adopting a base is simply the easiest way to support the program.  Most individuals and Organizations prefer the stability of having an adopted base.

No, you do not have to adopt a base.  You may mail the coupons to an “open” base by checking the list each time to see who is open.  The adoption process is simply our way of keeping donations even to each base.  You adopt the base and then they can count on your steady donations each month.

How many bases should I adopt?

One is enough.  You may adopt more than one but the goal is to keep donations to a base even and steady.  When you send coupons to various bases, one month they have too many and start telling their donors they have enough and the next month they get nothing.  It is best to adopt one base and send steady shipments.  If you are a major donor then we recommend multiple bases.  What is major?  Hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of coupons a year.

What if I need to change adopted bases?

Simply send another adoption form.

What if some of my contact information changes?

Simply send in a new adoption form.

When will I be listed for my adoption?

You are not listed when you adopt.  There is no longer an Adoption Page.  You are listed when you donate as the true adoption takes place when you donate.  Regular donations will keep you or your group on this list.

What happens after I adopt?

Just start sending coupons to the base address that you adopted.  We will not contact you.  (See Confirmation Requests page)  You do not have to be approved.  This is a totally self serve process.  You adopt, you start sending, and you report what you send.

What if the base I adopt now later says "No New Adoptions?"

Your adoption is still valid.  The bases count on a certain amount of donations and they may have you on a list of donors they want to continue.  If the base wants you to stop, they will contact you and ask you to stop.  If that happens then feel free to adopt another base.