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How To Contact Us 

Before you contact OCP, be sure that you have read through the entire website for your answer. 

If your question is answered here you will probably be redirected back to the website for your answer.  OCP replies may come from any number of email addresses.  Do not hit the reply button.  Always reply to us by using one of the form pages at the website. 

(All questions) Please use the link at top of page: "Questions Form"

(Actual adoption e-mail) Please use link at top of page: "Adoption Form"

(Monthly contribution notice) Please use link at top of page: "Donation Form" 

Edward W. Allen III

P.O. Box 1085

O'Fallon, MO  63366 

 636 "dash" 448 "dash" 1440   

We are an internet based organization so the following forms are the best way to contact us.  U.S. mail may not get done for months: