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Jobs with OCP  

If you are interested in helping OCP HQ then please read through this carefully before you contact us.  We do not have sophisicated web sites and IT personnel.  We do not have an income.  Our setup is very simple but that means some additional burdens on our volunteers.  If after reading this you are still interested, and I hope you are, please feel free to contact us.

Positions available with OCP:

Web Master

       Donations Totaling (which is forwarded to the web master)

Base Contact (Keeps in touch with bases and checks on new bases)

Snail Mail (Preferably in the St. Louis, MO area) (processing snail mail and maintaining files for this).

1.  You must sign a contract with OCP that directs what you must and must not do.  Your signature will be notarized and legal.

2.  OCP only "hires" volunteers.  No one gets paid.  All expenses that you incur must be paid for by you the worker.  Unfortunately the money you spend is not tax deductable.  (And, believe me, I understand.)

3.  You will get all OCP email related to your job.  It depends on what you volunteer to do but you may get up to 1000 a day.  Reality at this point is about 100 to 200 on a really busy day but there are no promises.  There have been periods where we have gotten 800 a day.  You will also be required to save the mail on your computer or with some other filing system.  You must CC several others when you answer email and you must also send the answer back to yourself and save your replies.  I have millions of email on my computer or in backup filing systems.  This mail goes back to 1997.

4.  You will need a very good anti-virus as some mail we get will have virus' and other problems attached.

5.  You will also need to have several programs available.  The most current Microsoft Office Suite is a must, and depending on your position other programs such as web production software may be required.  The programs depend upon which position you take with OCP and the work you volunteer to do.  Again, since OCP has no income, regretably,  the cost of these programs is your responsiblity.

6.  You will have to go through an interview process.  Because of my hours and the process, this may take weeks or months to complete.

7.  We are always taking names of those who are interested and may be able to help.  I keep a file and due to turnover you may eventually get contacted.